Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Message for Class 1 B in July 2007

Dear All,

I hope you are all enjoying our course. Today I am giving you a link to a very useful site:
New English File Elementary.

It containes a lot of useful material. First, download the Adobe-format 'Bookmark' containg illustrations of all the sounds in English. You have a choice of colour or black-and-white.

In the centre of the page there is a list of grammar and vocabulary exercises. Try a grammar exercise first. Where you see the boxes "Choose.." and "Choose..", these are menus that you can open to go straight to the grammar exercise of your choice.

Try 'File 2' and 'Lesson B Present simple [?] (1). Or go straight to it by clicking

When you have finished, try another exercise, perhaps on Vocabulary.

And finally, for some fun, try Pronunciation - Stress Monsters. This is an video game in the old arcade style.

When you have finished, take five minutes to leave a comment. This is very important. It helps me to know that you have visited the site and are practising Enlgish. And it helps other students, too. You can tell them which exercises are the best, and which to avoid.

What to say in the comment? Say how easy, difficult, interesting or boring the exercise was. Then say how it helped, or didn't help, your understanding of grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation.

How do I leave a comment? Just click on 'COMMENTS' at the end of this message. Then:

1. Write your comment in the text box that opens.
2. When finished, click on 'Other' or 'Altro' or 'Anonymous' or 'Anonimo'.
3. Give your name. For 'Anonymous'. leave your name in the text box after your comment.
4. Type the coloured letters, exactly as you see them, into the space provided. This is an anti-spam security measure.
5. Click 'Publish Your Comment' (you may see this command in Italian.)

Your comment will almost immediately show on the page. Remember, however, that you should not spend more than ten minutes maximum! A short comment is just fine.

Good luck!

- Mike

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