Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Movie Review Sites

This is for all level 3 students who are writing a movie review for homework.

Here are some well-known sites to get you started:

1. The Internet Movie Database (IMD)

A comprehensive site taking in movies, movie history, actors, directors. There is a lot of material here. The site can be slow to load.

2. MRQE - Movie Review Query Engine

Find reviews in many major newpapers and magazines of any movie within reason. Use their search engine.

3. Classic Movie Site

About the world's all time greatest movies. Part of the all-encompassing 'about.com' site - tells you about everything!

4. The Guardian Movie Site

The film section of this important British newspaper. News about movie-making, the Cannes Festival and actors' careers, as well as reviews.

Use all of these to find movie reviews. Don't worry too much about difficult words. For new vocabulary and expressions, ask yourself: does the expression communicate a positive or negative idea?

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