Tuesday, April 24, 2007

First Certificate: Advice for Students...

... is available on the British Council's Learn English Professionals site. Click here to see it.

Try the materials for
Listening Practice. Materials for other parts of the exam will be available in the near future.

Don't for get to add Learn English Professionals to your Favorites.

For Listening, I suggest you study the main listening
introduction page and try each part in chronological order.

The first one is "What are they talking about?" Try all eight exercises this week. Tell me how it went by leaving a comment! Please don't forget to do this. Not enough people are leaving comments. :-(

Check the
British Council Hub for a good movie review and commentaries on Portuguese life.

Have a good Liberation Day!

- Mike

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Level Three Homework Reminder

For anyone who has been absent in the last few days:

Homework is:

1. Write about shopping in Rome, based on the text on the last page of unit 4.

2. Do the 'Check your progress' on page 117.

3. Read about transport in London on the first two pages of unit 5.

Next lesson is:

Wed-Fri course: Tues 11 April
Sat course: Sat 14 April.

Enjoy Easter! See you soon,