Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Practise Speaking Online!

To All Classes, from Level 2 to Level 5.

We have often discussed the problems connected with Speaking Practice. How to do it? Where to do it? Who to do it with?

Solutions that I have suggested include:

1. Recording yourself with a tape recorder, listening to yourself, and maybe asking someone to correct you. But do you know anyone who can correct you?
2. Going down to Campo dei' Fiori and starting a conversation ("chatting up") any of the English-speaking people who frequent the bars there. But many people are too embarrassed to start a conversation.

Now here is solution number 3: Chinswing. (Look up the words 'chin' and 'swing' in your dictionaries.)

This is a Web site where you can record your voice. I advise you to listen to a few recordings first. Then register on the site and make your own recording. Hopefully, someone will contact you and correct you.

There is no problem about registering: you are asked to create a user name (choose one that is easily pronounceable!), a password, give them your e-mail address and tell them which country you are from.

Oh and you are also asked to privide an 'icon', that is, a small picture that represents you. This can be a photo of you, or a graphic or cartoon. It must be under 2Mb in size - see instructions on the site. It will be resized to 48 by 48 pixels.

Good Luck! and do not forget to leave a comment describing your experiences with this site!

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- Mike


Anonymous said...

Chinswing is very interesting: you'll learn English better if you listen other people that speak from the pc. Bye


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!
i find very usefull your suggestions about practise speaking English... in particular i'd like to try the second solution that you've suggested, but you know...it's quite diffult for me to have a directly approach with someone you don't know... i think you can understand me ...So if once i decide to try it i hope you will come with us...
what do you think?could it be possible?
thanks mike