Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Your Comments; A Site for Level Two

I am very pleased that the following people have left comments on the Blog:
David, Giacomo, Riccardo, Adriana, Veronica, Laura (DoubleL) and Jacopo.

But, when I last counted, I had 87 students! The above list contains just ... seven students!
That's fewer than ten per cent.

Come on, cybernauts! Visit the Blog, try the sites - and send in your comments. Remember, your ideas and suggestions are as valuable as mine.

Here's something for Level Two (Pre-Intermediate) students:
The English File site: http://www.oup.com/elt/global/products/englishfile/
This is the site for your course book.

Click on the new Pre-Intermediate book.
Then click Grammar.Then click File 2. Now, try Lesson A, past simple regular and irregular, 1 and 2.
Alternatively, go straight here!

Then try Lesson B, past continuous.
When you have finished, send a comment to all of us (click on the comment link)

Tell us what the site was like. Answer these questions:

Did you learn anything new?
Did you get any help with the exercises?
Was it easy to navigate round the site?

More soon!


Adolfo said...

I have visited the Blog, I have made some exercise (pre-intermediate 50/50 game files 1 and 6. intermediate grammar lesson B) past tense: simple, continuous, perfect). I think that I can improve my English easily and enjoing myself with the Blog. I'll try to use it much possible as I can. Adolfo

Filiberto said...

Hello Michael!
I have tried the Blog. I have visited two different section: grammar and vocabulary. I have found it very funny and instructive. I am going to visit again Blog for practise me.

Anonymous said...

We tried an exercise on pronunciation and a game with a yellow submarine which -kills the green monsters. We liked it very much and we learned about word stress.

Angelo, Laura, Paola, Nora, Mirela and Vania

Jose said...

Finally I visit the blog and I vistit the web page of oxord files... they are very interesting and very useful when you didn't do a lesson.

elisabetta said...

This blog is very interesting for the news and the links.I use often Oxford File to pratictice my English grammar.
Thank you for the information, Micheal.

federica said...

hello Mike, i have given a look to the hyper-grammar. i think that it is very clear and interesting, not too much boring to learn something about grammar. thanks for the cue!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,
I visited the BBC site, but I have no update programme to listen the records. However, sometimes I watch BBC by Sky (Pay Tv). There are interesting programs: sit-com, news, documentaries, ext.
See you Wednesday
Laura S.