Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Calling All Level 3 Students (Intermediate)

This is not just for my classes S3WF18, S3 SAT 10 and S3 SAT 14. It is for any students at Intermediate level.

Here is a great site for you: the English File Intermediate site.

What can it do for you?

OK, why not start with some Grammar? Click on Try This: Intermediate Grammar, then File 1 then Lesson B: Past Tenses: Simple, Continuous, Perfect (1).

Do the exercise and see how well you did.

Then, please do post a comment!.

I will be collecting the names of those who leave comments. A small prize goes to the first person to leave a comment!

Watch this space! More soon.


dvd78 said...

I try do connect in English File website and I got the excercises. It was hard to choose the right answers but I think it's good for us as students to have this news opportunity on internet. David

Mike said...

Thank you David, for leaving this comment. Very useful.

giacomo said...

A very well made site. I tried to do the exercises, the first one is hard but the second not so much.The games are quite amusing and useful. I agree with David: I think it's a very good opportunity.

Riccardo said...

I think that doing exercises in a funny way, like playing some roles on the computer, is better and helpful to study English and generally an other foreign language.
That is because play is nearest the way the children learn language and we have too much to learn from children about learning...

Alessandro said...

Hi Mike!!!
i have just visited our famous blog. No bad!!! there are a lot of useful links that can help us to practise and improve our skills in English...
thanks a lot Mike

Mike just a suggest: please update your photo on the blog! you look better now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. Finally I'm leaving my comment. I have clicked on the link and I have tryed the part 'pronunciation'. It is very interesting and useful for me because I've a lot of problem with my pronunciation and with the stress of the words!!!
Thank you
barbara de angelis

Anonymous said...

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