Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Web Sites for You

Ongoing work: I am making changes and additions to the list of sites in the right-hand column of this page. The latest: a list of sites which you should visit if you are thinking of taking an exam such as IELTS, FCE, PET, KET, CPE and the like.

Meanwhile, have a listen to the latest 'Words In The News' exercise on the BBC.

Watch this space - and please do leave a comment.


Adriana said...

This is a great link. I wasn't able to listen to the story, but I was able to read it. I would like to be in Manchester and to participate in this pyco-geographic tour.... amazing!!!
Could you tell me if the Clockwork Orange is eassy book or is it difficult by my level?
Thanks Mike

Mike said...

Hi Adriana. Thank you very much for your comment. Why were you unable to listen? Never mind, in today's lesson we shall do a listening exercise based on the BBC World Service News.

A Clockwork Orange. It is not too difficult but the characters speak an English slang which is based on Russian. Thus 'horrorshow' meaning marvellous, fantastic, comes from Russian 'Kharasho' meaning very good. (It is very difficult to transliterate from the Russian Cyrillic script into English.) But do not worry, there is a glossary of expressions at the back of the book. Yes, I recommend reading it.

Please everybody - leave your comments! Don't leave Adriana all alone!


Veronica said...

hi! I alredy knew the bbc site, because I studied on it for some exams at university, and I find it very very usefull and interesting, because we can learn english by real events and news and not only by jokes. and above all I think it's a good idea that mike selects for us some articles (I hope every week!!) because it's easy to lose oneself in the labyrinth of the bbc site...it's too full and interesting!! good listenings to everyone!

Riccardo said...

Hi, I didn't know Anthony Burgess before of read the BBC service. I find interesting the idea of a pshyco-geographic tour developed throug a live-literature promenade tour. I'm curious know how a person could have such strange and fascinating ideas, that change the point of view of ordinary thinks, like a place of a city!