Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Learn English Professionals

This site is a must for any students of English at upper-intermediate level or above. There is a wealth of reading and listening materials. There are also plenty of reading and listening comprehension exercises. These will give you instant feedback, so they are very useful for checking your progress.

Much of the site is available to anyone, but some areas require a user name and password. I can help you obtain these if you are studying at a British Council centre.

Visit Learn English Professionals

E-Mail me if you are a student at a British Council centre and would like a user name and password.

After visiting the Learn English Professionals site, give us your opinions by sending us a comment.

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Anonymous said...

I've seen the "latest on professional" section of the Learn English Professionals website. I think it is very interesting and overall very useful to learn english. In particular listening is far easier than listening to the BBC news.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this interactive way of learn English!! I've found this section very useful to be in confidence with listening and grammar too.


Mike said...

Thanks very much Massimo and Margherita for your comments.

Come on, everybody, let's have more comments!

Anonymous said...

I tried Learning English Professional for journalists and I think it is useful and well-done. I also registered at an e-mail course, but it could be out of order, because I don't succeed in writing in the exsercise form.

Anonymous said...

was Ugo ... off course.

Anonymous said...

I've just visited the site "Learn English Professional", particularly the FCE practice" section. I've made a listening exercise and I've found it a very useful way to practice English. Moreover, the possibility to check the answers helps to remember the correct solutions.


Ari2525 said...

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