Thursday, September 14, 2006

In With The New

It's New (Academic) Year at the British Council Rome.

So I'd like to remind new and returning students what this Blog can do for you.

The Blog gives you advice and ideas on how to use Internet as a resource for learning English. The Net has exploded in recent years not just in terms of numbers of sites, but quality of facilities available to you.

Among the top facilities are surely listening sites. Students complain that they do not get enough listening practice. However, it's now possible to listen to almost any radio station in the world. Here's one of the best:
The BBC News Site. Here's a picture of the main page:

Explore the page and click on video and audio links to try out your listening skills.

Another immensely useful web site is the Virtual Language Centre in Hong Kong. This has grammar games, a Net Dictionary and the immensely useful Concordancer. This shows you how words are used. Type in a search word and the Concordancer will show you all the occurrences of that word in context. Here's a picture of the front page:

And here is what the Concordancer screen looks like:

Try it yourself. How many meanings can you find for "would"?

Answers, please, in a comment.

Coming soon: the revised list of Net links in The Permanent Collection (see right-hand column.)



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