Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hong Kong Poly Concordancer: Advanced Features

Today I'd like to present you with a powerful way of researching into the use of English on the Hong Kong Poly Concordancer site.

You want to find all the phrasal verbs with "put". Naturally, you want the concordancer to give you all occurrences of 'put', including 'puts', 'putting', etc.

Here's how to do it:
On the concordancer, choose 'Simple Search':

Choose 'Search string starts with:' = put

Choose your corpus.

Leave the default sort option to 'Sort right'. This will show words after 'put---' in alphabetic order.

And here's a sample result:

25 nnovative scheme is Kidlink, which puts British teenagers in touch with
26 uarterly trends survey last week puts capacity utilisation at its highes
27 26 January 1995 Shephard puts curb on lenient exam marks By J
28 today. Dr Ruddiman says: "Tibet puts deserts and rainforests where they
29 00 or 36, 000 miles. The purchaser puts down a deposit, usually 30 per c
30 17 January 1995 Dimbleby puts down organic roots Rachel Kelly

112 to allay such suspicions, Boulez puts on a fine display of modesty. "For
113 rtant birthday. Richard Morrison puts on a party hat The Viennese
114 y. When a West End producer puts on a play he first has to rent a t
115 eaning bills. A continental puts on a tie and it is a statement. It
116 hardly knows where to begin as she puts on her half-moon spectacles and
117 n 60 days and the public hearing puts on the record what the investigato
118 , is Harford's domain. "Ray puts on the sessions, Ray is the coach,
119 January 1995 Lottery syndicate puts out a contract Liz Dolan Fea
208 conservative, because the risk of putting on new work is prohibitive. F
209 e most successful of the rivals at putting on sales. The Observer

479 ce for dead comics? Why are they putting up blue plaques on the houses o
480 be seen homehunting for fear of putting up prices and attracting unwelc
481 ature film funding, with Channel 4 putting up the lion's share of the bu
482 ated the uncomplaining British for putting up with ugliness, petty restr

How many different phrasal verbs with 'put' can you find in the list above?

You will see that if you had used the 'Search String Equal To 'put' option, you would have had far fewer useful results.

Of course, you will have to eleiminate a lot of irrelevant words such as 'putative', 'putt' - a golfing expression meaning to hit a golf ball gently, or 'Putnam' and 'Putney', which are proper nouns.

That's all I have time for today! Try it yourself now - with 'put', 'get', 'let' and ... any more??

P.S. Notice at the top of the right-hand column: Latest Links of Interest. Check it out. There will be more to come.

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