Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Treasure Hunt: Adventure Game on the Web

Anna Naumova of the British Council Sofia, Bulgaria, brings us this richly illustrated Treasure Hunt site.

here to start this southeastern European Treasure Hunt. Earn points by discovering cultural jewels in such places as Sofia (Bulgaria), Mostar, Sarajevo (both in Bosnia), Bucharest, Istanbul, Ocnele Mari (Romania), Sisak (Croatia) - and many other places big and small.

It's all in English - though there is a Bulgarian version if you want. It is fantastically informative, so a must if you are thinking of travelling through southeastern Europe.

Suitable for intermediate levels and above - though lower level students should try it.
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Thanks Fabio for your comment!


Fabio said...

...For next holidays forget fregene, ostia lido....but before play the game...
bye bye

Mike said...

Excellent, Fabio! Come on, let's play!