Thursday, May 11, 2006

Advanced Listening Practice

Here’s something for all level 5 students: Learn English Professionals. This is your site for advanced reading and listening. With a wealth of information about the world of work, this site will become your number 1 resource – along with this Blog and the MetroZine.

On the top menu bar, click on 'Listening Downloads. From ‘Improving Your Memory’ to ‘Business Ethics’ to ‘Chaos Theory’ there will be something for you.

You may want to read the script as you listen, or copy it to your computer for later reference. Click on script in order to do this. The script comes as an Adobe portable file which you can save to your computer.

There are full instructions in the left-hand column of the 'Listening Downloads page.

Happy listening! – and please as always leave your comment on this Blog.

To go deeper into the site, you’ll need a user name and password. This is for members of the British Council only, so I cannot publish it on the Blog. If you’re a member of the Council and want a Learn English Professionals log-in profile, just e-mail me and ask for it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
How are you?
Last Saturday I was on a beach but the next I will be where I have to. In our class, indeed.
I'm writing from the office, I'm always here in these days because my collegue is ill and I do the full day, from 8.30 am till 8.30 pm. It's quite interesting...
I hope thet someone could give me some new of Giulia, I really hope to see her on Saturday.
Now I'm goig to do some exerxise on go for English.