Thursday, May 11, 2006

Levels 1 and 2: Grammar For You

Recent posts have concentrated on advanced students, so here is something for Levels 1 and 2.

What's the difference between have been and have gone?
Examples: 'He's gone to Paris.' / 'He's been to Paris.'

Find out by doing this exercise from the British Council's 'Go4English' site.

Note that the instructions are in Arabic because the British Council created this site for students in the Middle East. But you do not need to know Arabic in order to use this site. And there is a lot of very interesting and useful material for you.

Try some more grammar exercises from the 'Go4English' Grammar List.

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Free movement in the European Union?

Myth or reality? How free are EU citizens to move around the European Union and work or vote? Read this discussion on the BBC site, started by BBC Europe editor Mark Mardell in his weekly Diary.

You can join in the debate yourself by filling in the comments form at the very bottom of the BBC web page. There is no guarantee that your comment will be published, but it could easily be – and it is an excellent opportunity for you to practise writing English.

This is suitable for levels 3 and above.

My advice to you is: keep your writing simple, don’t be ambitious in your expressions, but also, never be afraid of making mistakes. Nobody will ridicule you for this.

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Advanced Listening Practice

Here’s something for all level 5 students: Learn English Professionals. This is your site for advanced reading and listening. With a wealth of information about the world of work, this site will become your number 1 resource – along with this Blog and the MetroZine.

On the top menu bar, click on 'Listening Downloads. From ‘Improving Your Memory’ to ‘Business Ethics’ to ‘Chaos Theory’ there will be something for you.

You may want to read the script as you listen, or copy it to your computer for later reference. Click on script in order to do this. The script comes as an Adobe portable file which you can save to your computer.

There are full instructions in the left-hand column of the 'Listening Downloads page.

Happy listening! – and please as always leave your comment on this Blog.

To go deeper into the site, you’ll need a user name and password. This is for members of the British Council only, so I cannot publish it on the Blog. If you’re a member of the Council and want a Learn English Professionals log-in profile, just e-mail me and ask for it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Treasure Hunt: Adventure Game on the Web

Anna Naumova of the British Council Sofia, Bulgaria, brings us this richly illustrated Treasure Hunt site.

here to start this southeastern European Treasure Hunt. Earn points by discovering cultural jewels in such places as Sofia (Bulgaria), Mostar, Sarajevo (both in Bosnia), Bucharest, Istanbul, Ocnele Mari (Romania), Sisak (Croatia) - and many other places big and small.

It's all in English - though there is a Bulgarian version if you want. It is fantastically informative, so a must if you are thinking of travelling through southeastern Europe.

Suitable for intermediate levels and above - though lower level students should try it.
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