Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Italian Election Special - 2

To level 4 and above: See the latest BBC report on the Italian election campaign. Click on the video link and watch BBC correspondent Christian Fraser. What are his conclusions? Put your answers in a comment.

Also, look at the features and analysis. Click on Italian voters' views. Do any of them surprise you?

Level 5 (Wed/Fri 18h-21h; Sat 14h30-17h30): For this week's class listening exercise we will do something else, probably Domestic News. Let's get away from politics!

kind regards,

Mike :-)


Fabio said...

I watched the televised face to face between Prof.Prodi and Prime Minister Berlusconi...and they spoke about their political programs...its very funny!!

giulia said...

I've finally downloaded the"Real Player" program...now I'm going to listen to something from the BBC Radio!!!see you

Mike said...

Excellent Giulia and Fabio. I plan to add some more listening links by the end of this week.

laura said...

Iused to see programs but now I'm sorry Mike I cannot see anything anymore....it appears to be impossible to see the immages on my computer.
The only thing I see is the cross that means something is wrong..... IT APPEARS THAT I HAVE TO PAY.......TO watch B.B.C. PROGRAMS EVEN IF I USE THE LINKS YOU 'VE JUST WRITTEN . WHY?

Mike said...

Writing from Bodrum, Turkey. No, Laura, you don't have to pay to watch the BBC. Check your computer settings.
I'll be back next week with more ideas for you. Have a good holiday.