Saturday, April 22, 2006

Greetings from Turkey

Hi everyone! I am having a great holiday here in Turkey. It is a fantastic country and everyone should come here.

Only problem is that the keyboards are so different here. For example I keep typiıng the letter "ı" when I should type "i". A typical mistake.

Here's an exercise for Level 3: Shopping, on the "Go4English" site. Try it and as usual, leave a comment. Tamam?

See you next week. - Mike


Fabio said...

Hi Mike!!how are you?...The shopping exercise is very funny!!...What's Tamam?Maybe a Turkish's word?....Bye

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike! The shopping exercise is too quickly for me. My score was 2 out of 6 !!
Ciao see you on Saturday

Mike said...

Hello Fabio and Alessandro! Thanks very much for doing the shopping exercise. Do not worry, Alessandro, if the exercise was too fast. Keep trying. Explore the Go4english site and try some more exercises.

Yes, 'tamam' is a Turkish word and it means 'good', 'OK'.

See you soon!