Thursday, March 23, 2006

Listening: Italy's Election Campaign

To all students at level 4 and above: (but level 3 could also try it)

Listen to and watch a commentary on the latest developments in Italy's election campaign.

Go to
BBC News (opens in a new window), then click 'Latest News in Audio and Video', then 'News Bulletins', then 'Italy's Election campaign.

You will see and hear the TV debate, a rally in Genoa, the encounter in Bologna with the Confindustria and Romano Prodi speaking English.

Please do leave your Comment and say how easy or difficult you found this news bulletin.

Hurry before the BBC site is updated!


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!
How are you?
I'm working hard these days so, on Saturday, sometime I'm too tired to come.
As soon as I can I will call Giulia the Dark to know something about homework.
why we don't go to the cinema in English next week?
Now I'll go to "go 4 English" that remains always my favourite learning-site.
I began the exercise book for the FCE.. it's extremely useful.. I strongly reccomend it!
Love Myriam

Anonymous said...

Hi to everybody and have a good week!
My chief has just asked me to write an informal letter in English.. I'm thrilled!!!!
I hope to find something on this blog....
see you!
P.S. I really would like to be in Istanbul (=