Sunday, March 19, 2006

Level 5 Students (Wed/Fri and Sat classes)

Vocabulary and Grammar Research: How To Get The Best From The Virtual Language Centre

In the past few lessons I have demonstrated the VLC and how it can demonstrate such things as verb patterns, collocations, position of adverbs and typical prefixes and suffixes.

Let's have a look at how you can adjust searches on the VLC so that the site gives you exactly what you want.

Go to the
VLC now. It will open in a separate window.
Click Web Concordancer and, under English of course, choose 'Simple'.
Your search options are: Entire keyword, Begins With, Ends With, Contains.

Sample exercise: find all the adjectives that end in -ly. Examples: lively, friendly, silly.
Type ly in the keyword search window.
Choose the search option 'Ends with'.
Choose your corpus.
Click 'Search for concordances'.
You will get a long list! Identify all the adjectives. Copy the lines containing the adjectives, then paste them into a Word document or text file. Send the file to me at
We will look at your lists together next lesson.

And do leave a comment telling everybody what you did.

What other searches can you do? Again, tell us all in a comment.
That's all from me today this gloomy Sunday morning! Ciao4now!

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