Tuesday, February 21, 2006

New Web Site For You: LearnEnglish Sport

For All Sports Enthusiasts: here is a newcomer to the British Council LearnEnglish suite. It's called LearnEnglish Sport. The main focus right now is on football in the run-up to this year's World Cup in Germany.

Your first stop is at the Poll: who do you think will win the Cup? Cast your vote and see how many people think it will be Italy.

LearnEnglish Sport offers practice in various skills. There's Reading: read all about Football Strips, their history and significance. There's Listening: listen to some football poetry, or to Manchester United fan Stuart describing what it is like to follow his team round Europe.

With Listening, you can download an MP3 file and save it on your computer for listening later; or you can listen to it right now by double-left-clicking on the link.

You can also download the tape script so that you can listen and read.

And try a language activity - be patient as it may take a minute or so to download.

Please try downloading a listening file - and post your comment to say how easy or difficult it was. Indeed, post your comment anyway and tell everyone what you think of LearnEnglish Sport.

Next posting: How to listen better on the BBC site; sites for level one students. Watch this space.


laura said...

ola' michael.....sono Laura Picchetti da napoli VOLEVO ANCORA RINGRAZIARTI PER AVERMI FATTO CONOSCERE BLOGSPOT....I PREPARED NOT ONE ...BUT 15 BLOGS TO DIANA ..to try to help her to find some more work.....when you have some time to spend look at them.....
http://buonomolarossa.blogspot.com oppure http://bdlr.blogspot.com saluti e complimenti

Mike said...

Thanks Laura! I will have a look. How about trying a listening exercise on Footy?

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael! Actually I visited the blog yesterday but I forgot to leave a comment. Saturday I didn't come and, unfortunately, I haven't a good excuse.. simply I would like to have a walk. Because I understand my fault Yesterday I did a lot of exercises on my favourite site.. go 4 English. I also tested my level and they told mr that my level of grammar is upper intermediate, unbelivable???
see you on saturday or before on the blog..

Learn English said...

Hi, I want to write you I like your blog. This information help mi much. thanks. Sorry for my english.