Friday, January 27, 2006

Watch English TV on the Net!

Good news! You can practise watching and listening to people speaking English by connecting your Internet browser to ITV Local.

This takes you to a wide selection of local British television stations. Watch the local news, weather reports or current affairs programmes.

For best results you will need a broadband or ADSL connection.

When you enter the site, one of the TV stations will automatically show in the top left-hand window. To change (or switch) stations, just click the "Switch" button, then click your desired station from one of the screens you will see scrolling along the bottom of your computer screen.

Many thanks to Steve Evans of the British Council Madrid for this link.

And more good news for listeners to ordinary radio. The BBC World Service and Radio Città Futura in Rome plan to start broadcasting in English in the near future. Stay tuned - I hope to have more news for you very soon.

Remember, listening practice is very important if you want to make progress in English. Students complain that there is not enough listening during our courses. Here's your chance to make dramatic improvements!


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