Thursday, January 19, 2006

This Week's Site Updates

Thanks Fabio for your comment! See below.

It's 16.15 on Thursday afternoon in a brilliantly sunny Rome. Instead of sitting on the Spanish Steps enjoying the Eternal City, I am reviewing a few web sites to help you with your English.

1. BBC World Service: Learning English - Words in the News - Prime Minister's son 'kidnap plot'. Click here to read more, and listen, about details of this fantastical plot.

2. Level 4: on the BBC Learning English site, discover more about the Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous

3. Chat: there are seven people chatting right now in Dave's ESL Café Chat. If I have a moment when I finish this Blog, I may join them. Several students have now registered. Dave's Café is a fun, serious place for chatters. Chat gives you a chance to practise your English including the Present Perfect and Present Perfect Continuous (for example)

4. Level 1B: On the British Council 'Go4English' site, listen to this business telephone conversation and do the exercise. It's extra practice for last lesson, File 8 page 97, 'On The Phone'.

Ignore the Arabic writing - you do not need to know Arabic in order to use this site.

5. Levels 4 and 5: read all about Egypt's Siwa Oasis in the British Council's central Learn English site.

6. Level 3: On the subject of school, see these funny exam answers from the British Council's Learn English Central. Did you find them funny? Write a comment.

In fact, could everyone please write a comment on today's suggested sites? Your feedback is vital.

There are still three people in Dave's Chat, so I will now go in there on a five-minute visit.


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Fabio said...

Hi Michael
I have already listened to the audio lesson on BBC concerning present perfect and present perfect progressive. It sounds interesting. Thank you very much
See you on wednesday!