Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Last Day in North-East England

Hello all. I hope you have been enjoying the Christmas break. This is my last day in Durham, northeastern England. Find out all about Durham by clicking on the tourism link. Click on 'Attractions' to find places of interest.

Levels 3, 4 and 5, check out the BBC 'Learning English' and listen-and-read to this week's story, about how Russia threatened to cut off its supply of gas to the Ukraine.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I am off to Paris, then Lyon, so there will be no more postings until next week, after 10 January.

As always, whenever you visit a site recommended in this Blog, do leave your comments.

See you next week!



Anonymous said...

Hi guys! (=
finally I'm on the blog again.
Unfortunately my pc is out of order. There's some problem at mouse pad but it's one month that it's in assistance and it's terrible!
Now I'm writing from the office....... (=
I thought that if nobody pays you nobody can tell you "Hey, do not use internet for your purposes!".
If this afternoon will be calm I'll search something about the Pecorella's law, in order to write my small article for the metrozine.
bie to everybody, and if someone is "working" as me I wait for an answer to have a talk.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!
Today I'm really happy because my tutor at the office (for whom doesn't know it I'm doing a stage) has just told me that when I haven't nothing to do (a lots of times) I can study.
It's great thing because at least I don't waste any time. Moreover here I have a fast connection. So I can do all the homework I haven't done.. for exemple to make the ex. 2 p. 49 I used the virtual language centre and, also if at the beginning I didn't like that site, I must admit that it's extremely useful for this kind of exercise. For example did you know that to speak of an heavy rain you can use downpour, cloudburst, deluge, torrent, soaker... it's amazing also if I'll remember two words maximum.. I will not say again that English it's a poor language..
bie bie to everybody, on go4english site there's a new beat the clock about transports...