Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Icons of Great Britain

An opportunity for you to learn more about Britain. 'Icons of Britain' is a site which lists Britain's Icons, or most characteristic phenomena. This excellently-designed site invites visitors to nominate an Icon of Britain.

Twelve Icons have already been accepted and you can explore them. They include Stonehenge, 'Alice In Wonderland', a cup of tea (!) and The FA (Football Association) Cup. There is a lot of information about these.

Icons waiting to be accepted include The Greenwich Meridian Line, the bowler hat, the River Thames and Rolls-Royce.

You too can nominate an icon - especially if you have visited and enjoyed Britain. Scroll to the bottom of the Icons Home Page to see the procedure. Then click on 'Nominate' to start.

Best for levels 3 and above, but I would encourage anyone to explore this site.

Have fun - and, as always, please do leave a comment!

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