Thursday, January 26, 2006

English File Online

Thanks very much indeed to Fabio, Martina and Silvia (Saturday Level 3) for leaving your Comments. You see how easy it is!

Now, I have something for level 3 students:
English File Online. Click on the 'Intermediate' book cover and you will find Grammar Checks, Active Word Lists, and a guide to Pronunciation. For this, you will need Flash Player which is easy to download.

The Grammar explanations and Active Word Lists come in the form of Acrobat PDF files. I was unable to download them here on my office computer, but you may have better luck. Please, if you try to download a file, tell everybody about it in a Comment.

Right now, 15.43 on Thursday afternoon, I am in Dave's ESL Café
Chat! There are 8 other people in there: from Turin, China and Canada, among other places. Have you registered yet?

As always, please do leave a Comment to describe your experience in Dave's Café.

Have a very nice end-of-afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Today, for the first time, I did 6/6 wrong answers in a "beat the clock" game on the go4English site.
It was on future events.
I have to recognise that my main problem was thet the phrases were a bit long. Moreover I'm victime of a terrible cold. Tomorrow will go better!
Bie to everybody.

Anonymous said...

Michael I sent my homework to you. Did you receive it?

Anonymous said...

Good morning!(=
I would like to say that today I went again on the go4English site and I did other beat the clock.
Someone was about clothes, because I don't Know any name of clothes.
Others were about emotions and I learnd some other words such as grief, sobbing, overwhelmed. Thanks to the Hong Kong virtual language centre I discovered that grief is quite similar to sorrow, sobbing is what you do when you're crying and you're overwhelmed when you're very tired for example because you worked too hard.

Mike said...

Well done Myriam! You can all see how useful it is to maintain contact with English at all times!