Thursday, December 29, 2005

From the Icy English Midlands

Dear All,
I hope you have all had a really excellent Christmas or equivalent. I had a wonderful three days in Norfolk, eastern England, doing almost nothing. How I am in Leicestershire, where it's not at all comfortable right now - it's cold, snowy and foggy. So I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying yourselves.

To cheer yourselves up, connect to the BBC web site and find out about Clubbing - "everybody wants to party, but it's too cold to be outside." Listen and learn some new words and expressions.

And here's a link to one of London's most famous clubs: The Ministry of Sound. It's got the latest tunes, advice on where and how to party, and much, much more. Take time out to explore this site.

Today I am moving up to the North-East of England, near Scotland. It is normally a three-hour car ride but it is likely to take longer today owing to the dodgy weather. To find out something about this fascinating part of the UK, go to 'This Is The North-East'.

Anyone out there interested in the law and justice? You could be a practising lawyer, a law student, or simply interested in what Italian newspaper readers know as 'la cronaca' - in other words, everyday news about crime. Whoever you are, you'll be interested in this Blog by a London Magistrate. 'The Law West of Ealing Broadway' offers us an insight to criminal justice in West London. You'll learn a lot of colloquial expressions. Just ask me via the Comments if you need help.

Someone has very kindly lent me their computer so that I can write this Blog posting, but I will sign off now because the connection is excruciatingly slow!

Please as always do leave your comment whenever you visit this Blog - and give your opinion of the sites which are linked here. Thank you very much indeed, Silvia and Bee, for your latest comments.

I hope to be able to add another Post to this blog while I am up North. Watch this space.

And a very happy New Year to you all!

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marty said...

Dear all,
Have you had good holidays?
I spent my time doing relaxing and funny things, but I'm quite sad because I planned to go skying, but I couldn't leave. Anyway, unfortunately I have had some problems with internet connections and I've got it just now. And now my pc can't read BBC listening practice format. I don't know why.
But I can read the blog, and I've to thank Micheal for his help in learning english with more and more sites to improve our knowledge.
See you tomorrow.
OPS! Of course...I wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR