Wednesday, November 30, 2005

To All Students

Last Message This Month!

Everyone: please do continue with listening practice. Check the message posted Friday 30 September with its long list of listening sites. Thanks to Myriam and Francesca for leaving lots of comments. It is very important to leave your comment in order to help other students.

Now for some messages directed to certain classes:

Level 5: we were looking at Lifestyles some lessons ago. What nouns go with 'strong', 'wide', 'plain' and 'high'?

Here's what I found at the
Virtual Language Centre:

16 of everything from new houses to strong ale. THERE was a man as the
8 r. The United directors have taken strong action, but they have tempered ju
64 " explains an insider. "There is a strong argument for this. Purcell's good
91 joke more than he did. He was a strong believer in interdenominational con

7 ays was "ultimately based on the wide acceptance of Christian duty." Yet
46 zones around the world reached a wide audience has been killed in a road
85 door, estate and cabriolet, with a wide choice of trim materials.

11 fell foul of fraud, negligence or plain bad advice by firms that then col
34 word "causes" was to be given its plain commonsense meaning and was not t
113 uary 1995 Mawhinney's accent on plain speaking soothes doubters' nerves

26 heir own sex who pushed them to be high achievers. She never really knew
30 treets are to be closed on days of high air pollution to curb a danger to
43 nstrumental or choral. Some have high ambitions and a real chance to achi
172 lready display insulin resistance, high blood insulin levels, high circul
215 brant economy is complemented by high-calibre government. Britain
223 n bids. Hermes wants to lay high-capacity fibre-optic cable along ra

Can you find any more common collocations with these - or other - adjectives? What about their opposites: weak, narrow etc?

153 rs who are on the run is a serious weak spot in the penal system. Wheneve

Count the number of collocations with the same adjective. If there are two or more, it's probably an established collocation.

Level 4:

Health and Fitness. Try the Interactive Health Tutorial. Find out what might be wrong with you. We hope nothing is, of course.

Under 'Health Topics', check out 'Health and Wellness, bottom right of the page. Example: Exercise and Physical Fitness.

How many new words or expressions did you learn? Write them in a comment.

For everybody, even if you are not interested in football, listen to a story about George Best on the BBC Learning English site. Is it easy or difficult? Tell us in your comment.

Also, learn more about storms.

That's all for the moment!



Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Message To Intensive Level 4 (I4WF18)

Update of 4 November: Martina, Francesca and Fabio, thanks very much for your comments. I look forward to everyone else's comments!

Hello. Do you remember learning the different ways of describing how people dress? Here are some examples taken from The Virtual Language Centre:

Can you explain the different uses of ‘dress’ and ‘wear’?
What categories of objects can you wear?
Can you find any examples of ‘dressed’ associated with an adverb?
What’s the difference between ‘dressed as’, ‘dressed like’ and ‘dressed in’ and ‘dressed up’?
What does ‘dressed to kill’ mean?

Write your answers in a comment.

I am going to make this exercise easier by removing some of the lines:

1 n assure him that at least one well-dressed cleric of my acquaintance looks
3 told the court that a policewoman, dressed as a schoolgirl, had been unable
4 airport yesterday afternoon. {para} Dressed in a grey suit instead of the usu
5 he said. {para} ``They're all well-dressed and they all have have goals.'' {
7 Already angry Polar supporters, dressed as bears, have demonstrated in f
13 ar around 360 degrees. {para} Also dressed by Italian designer Gianni Versace
14 aken a bath and was refusing to get dressed for kindergarten. {para} ``I used
21 low does the talking here, nicely dressed in jacket and tie, speaking off-ca
22 ire, kidnapped the 14-year-old boy dressed in just a T-shirt, socks and und
34 ald Dwight would take to the stage dressed like a duck with outsize glasses a
35 ccompanied at Kai Tak by a casually-dressed man claiming to represent the pub
36 iver in the Marais. The well-dressed Parisians who now occupy their sea
41 ons from 171 countries and will be dressed to kill in their national costume
42 gon was rolling. They come here all dressed up and love it. My wife would ne
44 ap and cheerful, situation comedy dressed up as "specials", and one-man come

9 racters, is promiscuous because she wears "big hair" and tight skirts.
20 e fleets of vans to round up youths wearing baseball caps back-to-front and
21 d with a diversion: "Why aren't you wearing lipstick? Every woman should we
23 h airport markings on it. They were wearing security badges stolen from air
28 ons' delegates, from 177 countries, wearing their national dress are expecte
29 eir lunch money to the fund. {para} Wearing ``Skip lunch'' T-shirts, 16 Form
35 alking towards the balcony. He was wearing a black balaclava, white shirt wi
4 r, grand as an Austrian countess, wore a look of disapproval. She saw me as
5 rst, so somebody suggested Morgan wore a pair of roller skates. The
6 went shopping in Tsim Sha Tsui. He wore a Panama hat and dark glasses. He s
10 e ship on August 26. {para} ``They wore Chinese uniforms but we thought they
12 . Most of the parents and children wore fancy dress costumes or hats and pa
15 ioters feared for their safety and wore hoods during the process, a senior
17 s old and about 175 cms tall. Both wore jeans. Anyone who witnessed the inci

Here are two examples of 'dressed to kill':

1. They will be representing 135 Lions Club delegations from 171 countries and will be dressed to kill in their national costumes.

2. Pat Kavanagh, distinguished literary agent and wife of Julian Barnes, came over. She looked magnificent: dressed to kill (former clients had better beware) in a glittering evening gown.

What do you think it means? Add your comment!