Thursday, October 27, 2005

To All Students starting in October 2005!

This is your Blog. It tells you how to practise and learn English on Internet. You can do this in your free time, on your home computer or in an Internet café.

Or you can do it at work. If your boss sees you, you can honestly tell him or her that you are using The Net to learn English better. In this way you will become more valuable to your organisation.

All the sites listed here will work on any computer running Windows 98 2nd edition or later. You should also have, as a minimum: Real Player, Windows Media Player and Flash. These can be downloaded free.

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Your comment need not be long and should take no more than two minutes to write! In your comment, tell us all which Internet site you liked best, and which activity you found most useful. And also, the contrary.

Web Sites Everybody Should Visit:

1. The British Council’s ‘Learn English’ site

Click ‘Fun Stuff’, ‘Games’ then ‘Word Game’ for a choice of vocabulary games.

Try the current
grammar game: ‘some’ and ‘any’

Click on the grammar game link.

Also, do check the extra links shown at the bottom of the page.

Level 1B (1BTTh18): try the
Adjectives Game – click on Adjectives.

Level 1 (S1TTh19) try ‘
Common Objects’.

Also, use the Search facility. For example, I typed in ‘past simple’ and the site gave me 10 answers, from ‘past simple’ to ‘future in the past’, including ‘already, yet and still’, and ‘past continuous’. This is a good exercises for Level 3. (YL3WF15, Sat310)

2. The BBC ‘Learning English

Click on:
- News English: listen to ‘Words In The News’
- Grammar and Vocabulary: level 5 try ‘Funky Phrasals’.
- ‘The Flatmates’ (Levels 3 and 4)
- Country of the month: Brazil

3. The British Council’s ‘
In2English’ site

Important: ignore the Chinese script. You do not need to know Chinese in order to make good use of this site.

This site is very good for levels 4 and 5 (I4WF18, E5Sat14)

However Young Learners’ Level 3 can click on Music Genre and try the listening exercises. The listening exercises are also good for level Four.

How? Just click on the slide controls on the Studio Control Panel and choose the genre of music you like best.

And if you are in business, there is plenty for you here. Just click on ‘English At Work’.

4. Another British Council site, designed for students in the Middle East: ‘

Ignore the Arabic script. You do not need to know Arabic to use this site.

Level 1B: Click ‘Vocab and Grammar’ and try the ‘Spelling Jobs’ exercise. Is it ‘directer’ or ‘director’?

Levels 3 and 4: Click ‘Vocab and Grammar’ and try the ‘Articles’ exercise.

Levels 4 and 5: Click ‘English In Action’ and try some of the activities.

Enjoy these sites ' and, very important:

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All you have to do is click 'Comment' and follow instructions.