Thursday, June 09, 2005

We'll Meet Again...

... hopefully at the British Council.

Classes may be over, but our community continues. I will post a new message a week here on The Blog, and send you an e-mail accordingly.

This week's top sites:-

Reading Practice: Story: 'A perfectly fair business deal' by Chris Rose.
Chris Rose is a teacher, writer and literature expert at the British Council in Naples. Read his story., which is set on the island of Ischia, near Naples.

At the end of page 3, continue reading. You will find comments from other readers of the 'Learn English' site. At the bottom, click on 'Send us your thoughts' and your comment may appear on 'Learn English'. Say whether you liked the story and comment about the plot and the characters.

Alternatively, post your comment here on the Blog. Tell us if the story helped your knowledge of English.

Listening Practice: On the BBC 'Learning English' site: the life of the actress Anne Bancroft. As you probably know, Anne Bancroft's parents were from Italy.

Read and listen at the same time. Was it easy or difficult? Did you learn any new words?

Post your comment here on the Blog.

I will be back next week. Have an excellent weekend,



Steve said...

Hi Michael, Nice blog. BTW there's a little problem with the Virtual Language Centre link further down the page.

Michael said...

Hi all. Steve has kindly pointed out a problem with the link to the Virtual Language Centre at the bottom of this page.

I have made every effort to enter the site address correctly:

But for some reason the browser instists on interpreting it as http://vlc/ with a '/' character, not a '.' (dot) after the 'vlc'.

'http://vlc/' is of course wrong, and there is no such site.

Yet the address for the VLC is correctly entered in the 'Permanent Collection' list at the top-right-hand side of this main page. The link works perfectly.

I fail to understand it and would welcome advice from any technical experts amoung the readers of this Blog.

Michael said...

I meant 'among readers', not 'amoung readers'. Sorry about that.


Graham said...

Hi Michael - it sounds like it's something to do with your Blogger settings. As you say, the code you enter on the template works, but Blogger seems to be interpreting it differently when it publishes.

My advice is to go to your Blogger Settings ->Format ->Code

I have Universal (Unicode UTF-8) selected on my blog and it seems to works OK with publication.

You could try changing this as it's definitely linked to the Blogger publishing an incorrect code.

If it's not this, perhaps instead of using the auto format when you publish a post with a link, you could switch to html and try that in case the problem is with the auto formatting of the post.

Hope this helps


PS: I think this is a great model of a 'Tutor blog' Michael.