Monday, June 13, 2005

Going to Great Britain?

Are you going to the UK soon? If so, check out this fascinating web site about how to behave in the UK:

'Acceptable Behaviour in England'

You can find out about everything from how to greet someone to how not to eat.

Compare the rules in Britain with the rules in Italy. If you send me an article about 'Acceptable Behaviour In Italy', I will post it on the 'MetroZine'.

While visiting the 'Acceptable Behaviour in England' site - composed by students from an English junior high school - I discovered this marvellous listening practice site: 'elllo' - the English Language Listening Lab Online.

Favourite football teams, British newspapers, living in Japan and Poland, meeting elephants in India, art, the beach, home towns, Turkey, long trips: these are a few of the topics you can find in the 'Elllo' site.

There are on-line quizzes to test your understanding of the listening. Or if you prefer, just listen and scroll down to read the Transcript at the same time.

Try it now: go to 'ELLLO' - and do please leave your comment.

More very soon - Mike

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