Friday, June 17, 2005

Join A Discussion Group on the BBC

Here's a good opportunity to practise your English. Simply join a discussion group on the BBC's 'Learning English' web site. See my instructions below.

Topics at the moment range from Atheism, Corruption and Human Rights to Success, English Language, Divorce and Euthanasia.

How do you join? Simple.
Click Here to go to the BBC's 'Learning English Discussion Groups'.

Then follow the instructions on how to Subscribe. You will soon start receiving digests of the discussions in your e-mail in-box.

You can also 'Unsubscribe' - then you won't receive any more e-mails.

To post a message, go to the BBC Discussion Groups site, as above. But before you post, please do read their rules on the use of language.

This is a very friendly area of the Net, so you will almost certainly receive a reply if you post a message.

Good luck - practise your writing, and post a message on this Blog describing your experiences.

Have a good weekend, and more next week.

- Mike

Monday, June 13, 2005

Going to Great Britain?

Are you going to the UK soon? If so, check out this fascinating web site about how to behave in the UK:

'Acceptable Behaviour in England'

You can find out about everything from how to greet someone to how not to eat.

Compare the rules in Britain with the rules in Italy. If you send me an article about 'Acceptable Behaviour In Italy', I will post it on the 'MetroZine'.

While visiting the 'Acceptable Behaviour in England' site - composed by students from an English junior high school - I discovered this marvellous listening practice site: 'elllo' - the English Language Listening Lab Online.

Favourite football teams, British newspapers, living in Japan and Poland, meeting elephants in India, art, the beach, home towns, Turkey, long trips: these are a few of the topics you can find in the 'Elllo' site.

There are on-line quizzes to test your understanding of the listening. Or if you prefer, just listen and scroll down to read the Transcript at the same time.

Try it now: go to 'ELLLO' - and do please leave your comment.

More very soon - Mike

Thursday, June 09, 2005

We'll Meet Again...

... hopefully at the British Council.

Classes may be over, but our community continues. I will post a new message a week here on The Blog, and send you an e-mail accordingly.

This week's top sites:-

Reading Practice: Story: 'A perfectly fair business deal' by Chris Rose.
Chris Rose is a teacher, writer and literature expert at the British Council in Naples. Read his story., which is set on the island of Ischia, near Naples.

At the end of page 3, continue reading. You will find comments from other readers of the 'Learn English' site. At the bottom, click on 'Send us your thoughts' and your comment may appear on 'Learn English'. Say whether you liked the story and comment about the plot and the characters.

Alternatively, post your comment here on the Blog. Tell us if the story helped your knowledge of English.

Listening Practice: On the BBC 'Learning English' site: the life of the actress Anne Bancroft. As you probably know, Anne Bancroft's parents were from Italy.

Read and listen at the same time. Was it easy or difficult? Did you learn any new words?

Post your comment here on the Blog.

I will be back next week. Have an excellent weekend,