Thursday, May 05, 2005

Your Grammar Questions Answered

Level 3
Serena and Mariangela of Level 3 have asked for more information on directions - giving and receiving them. There appears (as they observed) to be nothing on the LearnEnglish Central site. So I have been looking around the Web to see if any other sites can help...

A Google Search on "Giving Directions" turned up these sites:

English Grammar 4 U Online - a German site:

This site seems much the best. But see these as well:

The Focus In English site (needs RealPlayer):


Both of these sites are American.

Now, how about Indirect Questions? Last lesson some people had trouble understanding these. Fortunately, "" comes to the rescue here:

Use your mouse to drag each word to its correct position in the question.

Ignore the Arabic writing. You do not need to understand Arabic to use this site. "Go4English" was developed for learners of English living in Middle Eastern countries, but you will yourselves find it very useful indeed. (And who knows, you might even learn some Arabic.)

Level 2:

Verb + "---ing" or "to"? That was the question we studied in unit 5B of our book, page 69. The "Learn English" site offers you some extra information:

And try this German site (you do not need to know German) for further help on Infinitives, with or without "to":

And gerunds:

Try the exercises towards the bottom of the page.

As always, please do leave a comment saying why you thought an exercise was or was not useful. And do use the comments - as Serena and Mariangela have done - to send requests.

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