Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Phrasal Verbs - More Ideas

You are all very interested in Phrasal Verbs - so here is another link, in the BBC's 'Learning English' site:

More About Phrasal Verbs

Listen to the Audio, then try the Quiz. I hope you get all the questions correct - you should have no problem with this one!

Then, try this with the Virtual Language Centre:

1. In the 'word search' window, enter some verbs you typically find in phrasal verbs: get, set, look, put, make. Can you think of any others?

2. For each verb, tell the concordancer to 'sort right'. This will make it easy for you to see what prepositions come after your chosen verb.

3. Make a selection of verbs that you think are typical phrasal verbs. Copy and paste this selection to a 'Word' document.

4. Decide from the context what the phrasal verb means. Decide what 'standard' verb could be used to substitute each phrasal verb. Confirm (or otherwise) that your answer was correct by using your dictionary.

5. Send your document to me via e-mail, and we can present your ideas in class.

And as usual, do please post a comment.


Serena Camplone said...

Hi Mike I've been it the BBC site and I've found very useful to do the listening with songs. Could we do it during the lessons? It would be so amusing!!!Please! Please!PLEASEEEEEE!:-)

Mike said...

Serena, which song did you listen to?

OK I will look for a suitable song for our class.

Of course if you have a favourite song, let me know and we will talk about it.

massi said...

Hi Mike,
I have been in the BBC website.
I have tried to listening some news , it was interesting end useful.
bye max