Monday, May 09, 2005

The British Elections: Memorable Moments

Would you like to witness the stranger aspects of the recent Election campaign in Britain? And at the same time do some listening and video comprehension practice from the BBC site.

This link takes you to the
most memorable moments of the 2005 Election campaign.

Repeat as often as you like in order to try to understand as much as you can.

As you listen and watch, you can do two things:

1. Write down the 'gist' - the basic content - of the video.

2. Write down as many individual words as you understood.

As always, do please write a comment to say if this exercise helped you.


Serena Camplone said...

This is a comment about the look of the blog. Finally I prefere the first look in blue!!!!In my opinion the last was too anonymous and this one is too impersonal!!

bye Mike!

sara toschi said...

I agree with Serena, this one is too impersonal and, perhaps too scholastic!

Mariangela Dessì said...

Dear Mike,
I think that it is cleaner and easier to read. It is similar to the BBC site. I prefer this look!Thank you for information on directions!

Mike said...

Dear All,
I can continue to experiment with 'looks' for this Blog, but this version, while formal in appearance, is at least easy to manage.

For instance on this version the standard-size text is easy to read, while on the previous version I had to use larger text. Then I discovered that my postings were not displaying properly.

See you later today at the lesson. I don't promise, but I may have a small surprise for you!