Monday, May 30, 2005

Before Doing The Test: Revision and Practice

We are having our test soon. Here is a short list of recommended exercises and activities. This one is from the main British Council 'Learn English' site:

Level 2: using 'like'

And here are some other recommendations on Internet for some revision and practice, using the Go4English site.

The 'Go4English' site is a British Council site aimed at learners of English in Middle Eastern countries. However, 'Go4English' has a lot of material which you will find very useful, and fun as well.

Although the 'overview language on 'Go4English' is Arabic, you definitely do not need to know Arabic in order to use this site successfully.

Levels 2 and 3: Listening Practice

Listen to a business man reporting a robbery to the police. Complete the police report of the incident.

Level 3 Compound Nouns Quiz

This is a fun card matching game. Don't forget to download the explanation about how compound nouns are formed.

And here's something special for Level 3. Last lesson we were talking about music and some of you have written some homework about your favourite Italian groups and singers.

Now surf over to the Chinese British Council 'Learn English' web site, 'In2english'. Note that, while the overview language is Chinese, you do not need to know Chinese to use this site.

Click on this link:

to listen to an interview with a Chinese rock group. Can you answer the questions? Note that the musicians speak with a Chinese accent but you should be able to understand.

For more on music, click here:

and then click on one of the audio control panel buttons for more exercise on music styles.

Post comments to let us all know how you found the exercises.

Check the MetroZine to see the corrected versions of your homework.


sara toschi said...

I have just done the compound nouns quiz, it's very easy and interesting!I'd like to do more exercises like it..

Mike said...

Excellent Sarah! What do other people think? I hope they will leave their comments. I find that the 'Go4English' and 'In2English' sites have a lot of very useful material.