Friday, May 13, 2005

All About Phrasal Verbs

Level Three students

Last lesson, you were asking about Phrasal Verbs.

So try this phrasal verbs site:
The Phrasal Verb Demon

Please, as always, post a comment to let everyone know whether you found this site useful or not.

Coming next: how to use the Web Concordancer at the Virtual Language Centre in order to deepen your understanding of how English works.


sara toschi said...

I have just visited The Phraseal Verb Demon site, and I have clicked on the news, I have selected a story, "Ireland stubs out smoking in pubs", so I have read the story and the explanation about the phrasal verbs which are contained in that article...Moreover for each verb there are more examples to understand the real meaning of the verb with the specific preposition!
I suggest,like Michael this site!

sng-sunday said...

Hi Mickey

I've read some of the articles in the "The Phrasal Verb Demon". In fact, its quite good with explanations and examples on how to use the verbs correctly and effectively. However, I've a problem using the dictionary at this website itself to check for words that Im not sure of. Maybe you could help me with this problem. Thanks you !!!


Mike said...

Hi Sarah and Sunday,

Thanks very much indeed for your comments. This site is probably a candidate for the Permanent Collection of Links to Useful Websites.

Sunday, can you tell me what problems you have had with the dictionary?


Kind regards,


Mariangela Dessì said...

Dear Mike,
I visited yesterday the Phrasal Demon site. I think is very useful!!
I did some quizes time and I searched many phrasals verbs on the vocabulary and the explanation of the meaning of verbs was clear!!
But the site was very slow!! When I tried to click on some functions ,the pages hadn't opened.
I will try today and shortly.

Mariangela Dessì said...

Sorry for my big grammar mistake!!!

Mike said...

Helloo all! I see there is great interest in Phrasal Verbs so let me draw your attention to this link in the BBC 'Learning English' section:

Copy the entire link and paste it into your browser in order to go there.

Actually I think I will edit this posting to include the link!

Mariangela: Thanks very much for your message. Do not worry about grammar mistakes. It is much more important to communicate.