Friday, April 22, 2005

The past perfect

For everyone in Level Three:

An exercise on the
Past Perfect from the Learn English site. Read the explanation and try the gammar game.

Please always leave a comment to say how the exercise or site helped you with your English.


sara toschi said...

I have just done the exercise you left us some days ago, and I can say that it's very usefull for me!
I'd like to do others again!

Mike said...

Excellent Sara! Which exercise did you try, exactly?

Has anyone else tried any exercises indicated in this Blog?

Serena Camplone said...

Dear Mike,
(sorry this is not a comment about past perfect)...I'm just doing homework, but I've got some problems with giving directions. Our book doesn't explain this well and I've just searching something more in the BC and in the BBC learning sites, but I've not find anything. Can you help us tomorrow bringing some usefull adress? thank you


Mariangela Dessì said...

Dear Mike,
I've done exercises on Past Perfect and Phrasal Verbs.I've found useful these last because I usually have serious problem with phrasal verbs. Is possible have also web pages dedicated to directions and English International?? Thank you

Mike Ivy said...

Thank you all for your comments. Before this weekend I will post another suggestion, in response to Sara and others' requests.