Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New Look Blog; Listening on the BBC; Global Village; next week's lessons

Last week I asked students to vote on the new look Blog. Four were in favour of dark text on light background; two favoured the opposite. So I will keep the new look. Later, I may experiment with more formats.

In the news this week: Charles and Camilla's forthcoming wedding. Read about it on the BBC web site.

Listening on the BBC: how did you react to the prohibition on smoking when it was introduced in Italy? Read about it and listen on the BBC Learning English site. Your test question: how much will the European Commission spend on persuading people not to smoke? Post your answer in a comment.

Global Village is the British Council's community web site for students. Last week the British Council Rome was in the top 8 for the number of daily visits. Excellent: keep visiting and using the Chat to practise your English and meet new people.

Next week's lessons:-

Level 3: visit some of the Grammar Sites listen on this page in order to learn more about future forms in English. On Thursday we'll chat about our jobs and ambitions in The Village with people in other countries.

Level 2: visit the BBC web site to learn more about food. And plan a presentation on the best of Rome.

Finally, the Metro Zine has been updated - with photos!

See you next week!

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