Friday, March 25, 2005

Enjoy your Easter holiday...

... and do use the holidays to maintain your contact with English. This is very important.
There are several ways in which you can do this:-

1. Reading. Read a few pages of English every day.

2. Listening. In my Level 3 class, I mentioned the magazine 'Speak Up', which is sold with a CD. Read and listen at the same time, and visit the magazine's web site.

And do visit the BBC's 'Learning English' web site which is full of useful facilities to help you practise your listening skills, accumulate vocabulary and learn more about grammar.

3. Writing. Practise your writing by sending a comment to this Blog, and if I can, I will reply to you, with corrections.

4. Speaking. Rome is full of English-speaking tourists at Easter. Go into one of the English or Irish pubs and start talking to someone. Recommended: The Drunken Ship on Campo dei' Fiori.

5. Interactivity: the text chat on Global Village is a very valuable tool to help you practise fluency in your use of English. Don't forget to save a trancript of your chat so that you can review what people said. Show it to me when we next meet.

And a very useful Web site to help you with Grammar (and more besides):-

Set up by Charles Kelly, a teacher in Japan.

The home page of this site will point you to many useful places where you can acquire more English.

Have a wonderful holiday - and don't forget the homework.

More soon,


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