Monday, February 21, 2005

New Look for this Blog

Last week I changed the appearance of this blog. It used to be light-coloured text on a dark background. Then I thought that dark text on a light background would be easier to read.

When I taught Level 3 (S3Tth18) last Thursday, I showed the new-look Blog on the Interactive Whiteboard. And a number of students said: "We want the Old Look back!!"

So please vote by posting a comment. I would like to have everybody's opinion, if possible by Friday 15 February. Then I can decide whether to change it back.

Important note about posting comments: Blogger has added to the comment options. They used to be limited to: (1) 'Blogger' Member; (2) Anonymous. The third option is now 'Other'.

With 'Other', a window appears in which you can directly type your name and your Home Page on the Web, if you have one. It is easier than 'Anonymous', which was confusing.

Please can you use the 'Other' option, and enter your name, when posting a comment? Thank you.

One unexpected effect of changing the Blog's look was that the entire Permanent Collection of Web Links was lost. I am slowly reconstituting this collection.

I look forward to seeing your comments - they are very important.


Fedele Vista said...

Dear Michael,
I agree with the new skin of the web site because I think that colours and also the format are softer than the previous one.

massimiliano franchi said...

Dear Michael,
i think that the new color is feminine!
I like previous color, but the new format is it ok (friendly end smart)

Mariangela said...

Dear Michael,I prefer for practicality this new aspect of the site.In fact before the format was too much dark and I've found difficulty to read the words. Even if from an aesthetical point of view it was better the skin of blue color.I don't know,I'm an eternal undecided....

Mike said...

I am very glad people are posting comments. Thanks very much to Massimiliano, Fedele and Mariangela.

Research on people's reactions to Web pages suggest that most readers prefer dark text on light background.

Keep sending your comments, please.

martina said...

we prefer previous format....It was so elegant!!!martina & sara

Claudia Nanni said...

I like this look because it's easier to read. I don't like dark background, but I like the little pois in light colour. It looks elegant!

Serena said...

Dear Mike,
I prefere the old appearance of the blog.I think it was more pretty. If you worry that people could or couldn't read well, I think that the background colour doesn't matter(maybe Mariangela is the one that can't).

Michael said...

Michael writing here! Thank you very much indeed for your comments.

So far, 4 are in favour of the new look and 2 are in favour of the old look.I'll wait for some omore comments: there are at least 20 people who have not send a comment yet!