Thursday, February 17, 2005

Mid-February News - Test Results

You will notice that I have changed the appearance of this Blog. I thought that it would be eaiser for you to read dark text on a light background, rather than light-cloloured text on a dark background, which was the Blog's previous style.

Howver, there is one problem: I have lost the permanent Collection of Web links which I had listed. I will slowly restore this, however.

Level Three and Level Two have done their tests. I have almost finished marking them.
The results are rather mixed. Generally, it is clear that we need to do more work on vocabulary and grammar. Both problems can be confronted by doing plenty of regular reading.

Level Two have done well on the Listening. Level Three needs more practice, however. Here's my listening recommendation this week:

Death of a Lebanese Politician

This is a short piece about the murder of former Lebanese President Rafik Hariri, which has also been reported in Italian newspapers.

Listen and read at the same time.

Level One will be doing their test next week.

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Michael Ivy said...

I see that Mr Hariri's death has now been archived, but you can still read and listen by clicking on "Words In The News" and then on 16 February 2005.