Monday, December 20, 2004

Using Internet for Listening Practice

Many students complain of a lack of opportunities to listen to English. This is where the Net can really transform your experience. Do not worry if you think you are at a low level. Try anyway. Developing your listening ability is a matter of regular, often-repeated practice.

Try these sites:

Randall's CyberListening Café. Plenty of listening practice here, with an American flavour. Lots of advice on how to use the Net for listening. There is a huge range of listening exercises divided into three categories: Easy, Medium and Difficult. The exercises consist of a multiple-choice quiz which you can read before you listen.

Learning English with the BBC Listen to the news and read the text at the same time. Learn grammar, vocabulary and business English. Check out "News English", "Watch And Listen", "Business English" and "English By Radio". Very good for vocabulary: there are exhaustive glossaries. Good for students at intermediate level and up.

Listen to the News on Sky Radio. Have the home page open at the same time with the headlines visible. Which ones were mentioned in the news? (Note the picture of my cousin Andy, on the Sky News Radio page. He's the Sky Radio News Editor.) More suitable for Advanced students.

You may need to check that your computer has the necessary software such as Real Audio or Windows Media Player. Headphones are also highly recommended.

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